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AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND PROCESS ONLY: We are urgently calling all family, friends and friends of friends across the world.

My beautiful 14-year-old friend Maggie Banyard from Coledale, New South Wales, Australia has a rare form of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (Blood Cancer) and urgently needs a stem cell transplant. Unfortunately her brother Billy is not a match – so it’s a numbers game looking for a near ‘perfect match’ from a distant relative or complete stranger from the international stem cell registry. It could be anyone – regardless of gender or blood type. It could be YOU and this is how you can help. To give Maggie – and all the other blood cancer patients in desperate need – the best chance of finding their match we urgently need to get thousands more people on that database.

Please register today – it is super simple.

Go to the relevant link for more info and to register next time you give blood.
If your profile matches Maggie, or anyone else in need of donor cells, you will be contacted and offered the chance to donate.

In 90% of cases, this involves ‘giving’ blood, much as you would as a blood
donor. You’ll be in and out of the collection centre within a day. In 10% of
cases, the stem cells need to be extracted directly from the hip bone by
inserting a needle into the bone under a general anaesthetic. This would
involve an overnight in the hospital, but NO scalpels are involved! Either way, it’s a
simple risk-free procedure that will save someone’s life.

You must be 18-35 in AU and NZ to register, so please encourage your
teenage kids/cousins/mates to sign up. The database is woefully short of males
– who, as it turns out, make very successful donors (the doctors say Maggie’s
‘perfect match’ is most likely from a male).

If you fall outside the criteria for becoming a donor because of age or any
Another reason, you can help by recruiting others.

Please share this far and wide. Thank you!

Please help us find a match for Maggie